Brussel sprouts, beans, and pea salad

We’re finally in the blazing hot throes of late July, which means the very thought of preheating the oven is out of the question. With substantial veggies and legumes like brussel sprouts, beans, and peas you can create a refreshing and filling meal while keeping things cool.


I could pretend this is a fancy and secretive recipe, but really, you just chop everything up and toss it in a bowl. It’s a salad, not rocket science.

4 cups brussel sprouts, trimmed and sliced thinly
1 cup yellow beans, sliced diagonally (or french-cut if you’re feeling fancy)
1/2 cup fresh peas (of course frozen is fine!)
A protein like a can of tuna, sliced chicken breast, or whatever you’ve got leftover in the fridge


1. Combine everything in a bowl
2. Drizzle with your dressing of choice.
3. Top with flaked tuna, chicken breast, or leftover meat of your choice (optional).



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