Fairmount Farmers’ Market

Wednesday (so far just the one, but I’m hopeful for more)
3:00 pm – 7:00pm
Official Wesbite

Farmers’ Markets seem to be cropping up all over the place, and there is nothing wrong with that! The Fairmount Farmers’ Market had its test run this week, and despite the sweltering humidity, was absolutely jammed with families and a 1950’s-era sense of community. It was like a scene out of a Norman Rockwell piece. Fingers crossed it becomes a regular event!

Live music from students of Beyond the Beat drifted through the park – and may I say kudos to the two girls playing the guitar and singing Taylor Swift, and the boy taking on Radiohead’s Creep on the electric guitar. The performances showed real dedicated and work, and were frankly amazing. It had me considering taking lessons to brush up on my guitar and ukulele…


Crosswind Farm brought their luscious soaps and amazing goat cheese spreads, which will pair nicely with the jams from Manning Canning (who also offer classes). Tiffinday, an ingenious delivery service of fresh, vegan lunches delivered right to your workplace, was there as well with aromatic curries. Centre of Gravity’s Circus School was entertaining the crowd like only a circus school could, as Lazy Daisy Cafe managed a permanent line-up of folks hankering for their fresh baked goods and sausages. Perhaps the most unique touch was free mulch provided by the Beach Hill Neighbourhood Association’s  Neighbourhood Tree Team (yes, Beach Hill has a team dedicated to the health of the neighbourhood’s trees!), right next to seeds and seedlings from Urban Harvest, so you could start your own farm in your backyard!



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