Evergreen Brick Works Farmer’s Market

8am – 1pm (May – October)
9am – 1pm (November – April)
Official website

This market shines the light on artisans and purveyors of finished products – fresh baked breads, pies, soaps, jams, cheeses, and a bustling food court full of blissful foods like paella, tacos, and samosas.

Somewhat awkwardly located near the jumble of roads created by the Don Valley Parkway and the Bayview Extension, the Evergreen Brick Works has a paid parking lot, as well as a free shuttle bus from Broadview station, and is well connected to the city by some beautiful bike paths.


There were herbs and vegetable plants galore, and it was impossible not to load the bike basket up with new additions for the backyard garden.


A few vendors offered fresh seasonal vegetables, and others had plenty of delicious jellies and baked goods. Grainstorm‘s golden kamut loaf was particularly impressive (and it’s impossible not to love their slogan: “Bake like it’s 1869”). Merchants of Green Coffee (whose homey Merchants Cafe, complete with resident cat, is well worth the visit) were on hand with fresh coffee, and ChocoSol was making mochas using a bike-powered blender and spicy Mexican chocolate!


A fresh dose of live music doesn’t hurt either.


After a full morning we loaded our goods and headed home, taking in the beautiful scenery along the Don Valley bike path.

What’s your favourite farmer’s market?


2 thoughts on “Evergreen Brick Works Farmer’s Market

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